ServiceNow IRM

ServiceNow IRM will transform Compliance and Audit landscape in your organisation. Typical benefits from an effective implementation of IRM include the following:

(Source: Forrester TEI for Risk and Compliance study)

  • Compliance testing and reporting up to 75% faster through automation
  • Modernized audit processes reduce audit trail time by 4 hours per quarter, per process saving $739K over 3 years
  • Accelerate vendor risk assessment time by 75%
  • Risk management efforts reduced by 75% for frontline and 2nd line employees

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Why Verviant IT?

Extensive Experience

All our ServiceNow IRM consultants have years of collective experience. Verviant IT’s agile delivery approach prioritises delivery value early on, allowing your organisation to continue performing while transforming

Proven Skills

Our consultants and staff are ServiceNow’s Certified Implementation Specialists (CIS) in implementing IRM. They stay updated with new releases and features in order to bring the latest innovation to your company.

More than just technology!

Getting people along with this transformation is the key. Many IRM projects fail to deliver value due to lack of support from all stakeholders. Effective engagement, communication and training is Verivant IT’s key differentiator. 

Leverage Best Practices

Although no two IRM implementations are same, yet there is great deal of lessons that can be applied from one experience to next, avoiding costly mistakes and reducing the lead time to deliver value.